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In the meantime, let me introduce myself:

Hey! My name is Dylan Andrews.

I'm glad you let me help you transform the way you practice. 

While you wait for your Ultimate FUN Guitar Practice Guide...

I want to send you another incredible offer that you can use every time you pick up the guitar to practice. 

Check this out:

As you read the  Ultimate FUN Guitar Practice Guide you will find there is a lot of info in there to go through. 

If you're anything like me I find it hard to remember all the tips when I practice. 

To fix this I created a poster you can have to look at and check to make sure you are practicing correctly every single time you pick up your guitar. 

I will pay to have this printed and mailed to your house at absolutely no cost to you. 

All you need to do is fill in your name and where to send it to :)