On this page you will find guitar articles and tips that will help you understand how to become a better guitar player.

Do you want to learn how to make your practice so effective you cant help but get better? Of course you do! Everybody wants this. But here is the sad truth, almost every single guitar player using incorrect and effective practice techniques. Click here to learn more


Everyone trains scale in the same way, from string 6 to 1 and 1 to 6. But this isnt the only way you should practice scales. Click here to learn how you can start using the entire fretboard in only 5 minutes. 


Want to learn how to play chords all over the fretboard? Look no further! In this article, I will show you how you can play chords in 12 different way! Click here to learn how to play chords up and down the fretboard. 

Every guitar players fears having bad habits. But few actually know what bad habits to look out for and if they have any. In this article I go through the top 5 most common bad habits I have seen most guitar players have. And odds are, you probably have some of these too. Click here to find out more. 

Learning Music Theory Will Make You A Better
Guitar Player In Three Ways

There are hundreds of reasons to learn music theory, but for this article, we will focus on just three main reasons to get started on this journey today.

What Gear Do You Need To Play Guitar?

One of the most frequently asked question by all guitar players who start the instruments (or are getting serious about the instrument) is "what do I need to buy?" Here is a list of a few essential that will serve you well in your guitar-learning journey:

The reason we all picked up guitar in the first place and still continue to play is because it is fun! But over time we can make things complicated, frustrated and practice becomes less enjoyable. In this article you will learn 3 new ways to make practice fun. Find out more here. 

Most guitar players lack knowledge on how to effectively practice. Most sit down and just go without properly thinking through how to practice guitar in the most effective way possible. In this article, you'll learn 3 different categories of practice and which one is the most effective. Read the article here. 

Not all advice that will make you a better guitar player comes from guitar players. You can take principles of lessons and apply them to guitar to be a more effective guitar player. In this article, you'll see how Bruce Lee's advice will help you become a better player. Find out how here. 

When you first start learning how to play guitar, it's hard to know what to expect. After teaching for over a decade I've found that the more you know about the process the chances of you succeeding go way up. In this article, It'll give you a good look at what you should expect from learning how to play guitar. 

The more effective you practice is, the faster you will reach your goals. The main reason guitar players never reach the level they want is because of ineffective guitar practice. This will show you 5 ways to make your practice way more effective. 

Odds are you have bad habits in your playing and don't realize it. Do remove these so you can play effortlessly, here are 9 tips you can use today to improve your guitar playing skills. 

Have you ever wondered what you should be practicing when you sit down to play your guitar? Wonder no more! In this article, I go through the top 8 categories that should be practiced often to be a well rounded musician. 

There are many ways to practice scales you can find all over the internet. After 10 years of teaching and 20 years of playing, I've found this technique to be insanely effective. 

When you are first learning how to play guitar, knowing how to read a chord chart will help you a lot. Learn how to read a chord chart here. 

Learning how to practice effectively is a skill that needs to be learned. And over time you get better and better at practicing. This article will show you more ways to improve your practice skills. 

Most guitar players are obsessed with speed and players who have lightning speed. In this article you learn why focusing on who is the fastest isn't the most important thing. 

When guitar players practice, they always are using both hands. Which makes it difficult to perfect one hand, especially the picking hand. Here are some things you can do to build picking hand independence. 

A difficult part of bends is making sure they are in tune. This is a problem I had in my own playing and in this article, you'll learn how to fix this common guitar playing problem. 

Depending on what you're practicing, using specific apps can help you practice way more effectively. In this article, you'll learn about 9 apps that will help you progress faster. 

The biggest challenges have is getting their kids to be excited to practice. I have seen many parents over the years try to get their kids to practice by using pressure, threats and other strategies that don't work. Use these techniques in this article and it will help you get your child to practice. 

 Just because you are taking lessons does not mean you will make quick progress, no matter how good your teacher is. You need to make sure you are coachable, follow instructions, practice they way you are coached an so on. Here you will learn how to get the most out of your lessons. 

 Discouragement is part of learning any skill, including guitar. There has been so many times in my guitar playing journey where I felt very discouraged and like I would never become the player I wanted to be. Here is how to overcome these feelings. 

When you first learn how to play guitar, you may notice when you strum it just doesnt sound right. There are many reasons for this and in this article you learn how to overcome the issues and start playing the way you want to!

 The key to being a great rhythm guitarists is being tight. What I mean by that is at the exact millisecond you should play/stop you do consistently. Learn how to do this here. 

 Scales are always taught in one way. But when you actually use the scales to make music we use them in multiple ways. So, you should practice scales in multiple different ways. Learn more about how to master scales here. 

 Finding the right pick will make playing guitar more comfortable. When you have the wrong pick it'll move around on you and cause issues without you even realizing it. Find out how to find the best pick for you here. 

 Tracking progress is one of the best ways to keep your motivation and excitement to practice up. If you see no progress over a long enough period you'll feel discouraged. To keep this from happening you need to track your progress to see the gains you are making. Learn here how to track your progress with a metronome. 

Buying your child's first guitar can be daunting, especially if you have never played guitar before. In this article, you'll learn how to go about choosing the right guitar for your child. 

 If you have been playing guitar for a while, you have experienced this. You practice over and over and see little to no progress. The most frustrating part is you have no idea why. To learn the real reason you're not making progress, click here. 

 Having correct technique is often overlooked by guitar players. Most find it not important to take the time to correctly learn this. But trust me it is. Learn how to have perfect technique when you practice guitar here.