9 must-know tips for fixing
bad guitar habits 

Here are 9 tips on how to get rid of bad habits in your playing as fast as possible. 

1. Always focusing on bad habits is a bad habit in itself. Don't spend loads of practice time working on bad habits. 

2. The worse the bad habit, the better. If your technique is in bad shape, your guitar playing will take a massive jump forward when you start fixing it.

3. The worst part of fixing any bad habit is the middle part. As you replace a bad habit with a good one, the bad habit starts to deteriorate, and the good habit increases. Eventually, both the bad habit and good habit will be equally strong in your playing. This causes your playing to get worse temporarily. Keep pushing through, and then you will see a massive difference in your playing. 

And because of this…

4. The absolute WORST time to fix a bad habit is a few days before performing.  

5. Focus on fixing multiple bad habits at once. Don't spend days or weeks fixing one bad habit and then move to a different one. You will learn MUCH faster by fixing multiple at once. 

6. Don't wait to introduce these new habits you are developing into your playing. Start using them with the rest of your playing right away.

7. You don't have to be perfect every time when fixing a bad habit. Continue to focus on it, and over time it will be perfect without you even having to focus on it. 

8. Make sure you clearly understand the wrong way, so you know exactly what not to do. 

9. If you're practicing more than 15 minutes per day to fix a bad habit – you're doing it wrong.

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