A lot of guitar players are always wondering what they should be practicing, as they should! Everyone wants the best results in the quickest time possible, and a bit key to that is making sure you are practicing the right things. 

Luckily there are eight core categories every guitar player should focus on. Based on your goals, you can choose how much time is devoted each week to practice, but everyone should make at least some time to practice each category. 

So without further ado, here are the top 8:

  1. Technique - This is making sure your technique is perfect every single time you play the guitar. A few things that make good technique are checking your thumb position, holding your pick, and how far your fingers are coming off the fretboard.
  2. Music Theory - Music theory is vital to all guitar players. Without it, you will never understand what key you are in, where you can play on the guitar, how things connect, create chords, etc. 
  3. Ear training - if you want to write your songs, learn songs on your own or improvise solos, you must train your ear.
  4. Phrasing - Phrasing is how well you make each note you play sound. Phrasing can accomplish this by using bends, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and vibrato.
  5. Fretboard visualization - Know how to play chords and scales up and down the neck.
  6. Chord and scale vocabulary - WARNING: Do not start learning tons of chords and scales for the heck of it. Make sure every chord and scale you learn you can apply in a music setting. 
  7. Rhythm Guitar Playing - If you want to play a song all the way through, play with others, or even in a band, you need to practice rhythm guitar.
  8. Application - This is last because it is the most important one. It is pointless to know all the music theory, scales, chords, and phrasing but can't use it in a musical setting. The whole point is to make music and express ourselves; if we can't do that, then what's the point?

Plan your practice sessions out and make sure these eight categories make it on the list. If you consistently apply this to your practice, you will reap the rewards!

If you would like help with what and how to practice these, follow the link below to tell me a little about yourself!

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