Playing the guitar is one of the most fun and rewarding things you can pick up. But it can also be one of the most frustrating! I used to spend hours practicing and seeing nothing out of it. Years would go by and I wouldn’t be really getting anywhere in my playing. Over the years of playing and teaching I’ve found 5 really common mistakes you should avoid.

Playing Too Fast. It’s human nature to want to be good at something right away. No-one wants to go slow, I definitely don’t. The problem with playing too fast if you’re not ready for it is you’re just wasting time. You’re not working on building speed and you’re probably creating bad habits along the way. It may not feel like it but if you slow down and build your speed gradually you will progress much faster. Using a metronome for this is perfect.

Mixing Playing With Practice.  When you pick up your guitar you are doing one of two thing, you are either playing or practicing. The difference between the two is that playing the guitar is when you are playing the things you are good at. You’re having a goods time and enjoying playing the guitar. Practicing is when you are working on problems. What most people do when they sit down to practice is they mix the two. One minute they are working on a problem and then they move onto something they can play well and they go back and forth. This really hurts your progression. You need to be focused and make sure that your practice time is operate from your playing time.

Playing Too Much At Once. This is very common and something guitar players do all the time. If you’re working on a song, solo or something else its very common for guitar players to play the whole thing at once and continue to do this over and over and over. This is not good! What your are doing with this is taking all of the problems your having and trying to work on everything at one time. To see massive progress in your playing you need to work on each problem individually. That being said once you do have all the problems fixed, then practice playing from beginning to end.

Impatient. Out of every mistake people make when playing the guitar this is the worst one. Playing the guitar is a process that takes a while. You need to have consistent practice every week for a long period of time to get to where you want to go. Be patient with yourselves and realize everyone has to go through this process. Most people get impatient and frustrated and quit. Then come back to it months or years later and quit again! Keep going, don’t give up and you will be the guitar player you want to be.

Trying To Do It Yourself. Learning how to play the guitar by yourself is the absolute hardest way to do it. No matter if you are using YouTube, online courses or any other online ways to learn it is hard. The majority end up quitting and the ones that keep up with it never hit the level they want or it takes many years too get there. If you want to progress as quickly as possible find a guitar instructor not only trained in how to play but how to teach. The cost will be worth the years of frustration lessons will save you.

More than likely you do a couple if not all of these things listed above. It is so easy to fall into so always be on the look out. If you follow the directions above I promise you will see drastic changes ins your guitar playing. If you would like to have a teacher who can walk you through this process and help you get to where you want to go sign up for a free intro lesson!