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Do you want to learn how to make your practice so effective you can't help but get better?

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But here is the sad truth, almost every single guitar player using incorrect and effective practice techniques.

And there is nothing fun about practicing something day in and day out with little to zero results. 

In this free eGuide, you will discover:

  • How to avoid the biggest practice mistake guitarist players fall into (Revealed at 0:41) 

  • Why practicing in a step-by-step linear way doesn’t work (Revealed at 1:10)

  • The principle of practice (Revealed at 1:44) 

  • How to use the “Geometric Practice Method.” (Revealed at 2:23)

  • Pro practice technique #1 “Diminishing Time Practice.” (Revealed at 4:12)

  • Pro practice technique #2 Lightning Rounds (Revealed at 6:13)

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